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Within “Change ourselves for sustainable development” vision,competition this year marked many improvements necessary for the growth’s Isuzu & System Authorized Dealer in Vietnam.

On April.28.2021, Isuzu Vietnam has successfully organized the online skill contest “Nationwide technicial skills contest in the 17th year” with the participation of 88 best candidates who have a excellent performance in the elimination round from 22 teams, which divide into 4 competition groups on nationwide.
Within “Change ourselves for sustainable development” vision, competition this year marked many improvements necessary for the growth’s Isuzu & System Authorized Dealer in Vietnam.
Initially, unlikely the previous year, this has been the 1st year candidates doing exam by online testing system, applies to both theory and practice. Therefore, it requires candidates to be strongly equipped with knowledge and full of customer consulting skills, predicting & handling situations quickly and sensitively instead of relying on their experience and observe reality.

Besides that, the main content of competition is parted into 3 distinctive parts of each level of service’s human resource (include service consultant, spare part consultant and technician staff) through 3 parts format exam with the filtered is consistent with market conditions & customer needs:

1. Invidual round: Evaluate the professional qualifications of each position
2. Team-work: Evaluate the teamwork and coordination capacity of the team
3. Joining a gameshow: Evaluate the general knowledge related to Isuzu company

Result of Isuzu Skill Contest 2021:
I. The best technician performance: 
   • The 1st prize: Ho Phuong Tung (i-TRUCKS An Lac) 
   • The 2nd prize: Nguyen Thanh Linh (D-SQUARE An Lac)
   • The 3th prize: Le Duy Khanh (i-TRUCKS Thang Long)
II. The best spare part consultant performance: 
   • The 1st prize: Le Dang Khoa (i-TRUCKS Đại Thịnh)
   • The 2nd prize: Hoang Dinh Cuong (i-TRUCKS Trung Sơn)
   • The 3th prize: Doan Van Hien (i-TRUCKS Nisu)
III. The best service consultant performance: 
   • The 1st prize: Nguyen Thanh Huy (D-SQUARE An Lac) 
   • The 2nd prize: Dinh Van Hoang (i-TRUCKS Van Nam)
   • The 3th prize: Le Van Nam (i-TRUCKS An Viet)
IV. The best team performance:
   • The 1st prize: i-TRUCKS Thang Long
   • The 2nd prize: i-TRUCKS Tấn Phát
   • The 3th prize: i-TRUCKS An Lạc
V. Game show awards: 
   • The 1st prize: D-SQUARE Viet Hai
   • The 2nd prize: i-TRUCKS Van Nam
   • The 3th prize: i-TRUCKS An Viet
VI. Game show bonus prize: 
   • D-SQUARE Loc Tan Phat, i-TRUCKS Đai Thinh, i-TRUCKS An Khanh, i-TRUCKS Nisu
The contest ended with success is proof despite ofthe difficult context for disease Covid-19, Isuzu Vietnam has quickly convertedforms online in order to maintain a program to make further great effort in improving work quality, creating opportunities for technicians to exchange and confront more situations, especially the application of online systems (e-learning) to the training industry and the ability to promptly handle major tasks that is suitable for the current situation.

The best candidates will be selected to advanced training in knowledge & skills and compete in International Isuzu Skill Contest (I-1 Grand Prix) in near future.

Isuzu Vietnam always tends “Service quality is the successful key”. Not only expanding theservice network on nationwide but also enforcing the reality customer service policy and enhancing work quality that ensures to bring the fastest repairing for customer. Through all activities, competition this year is a spotlight in strengthen training, providing knowledge and repairing skills for dealer’s technical staff & service/sparepart advisor that Isuzu is always enthusiastic about developing the service customer is better and better.

5 May, 2021

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